10 Basic Concepts for the Newbie Webmaster

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As a new web developer, you do not have any skills or knowledge that are too technical to show. You just want to build the website without any problems and start making money as soon as possible. If you are still on this path, then this article will guide you with the essential concepts and ideas of how to become an expert in your field.

1. Make sure you have basics coding.

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript is good for your web site development, but it’s not enough to become an experienced web developer. So go for fundamental online courses by popular institutions so you can learn them for free. There are tons of such institutes like edX, Coursera, Udemy, etc. These provide comprehensive web development training to their students. But, I would highly recommend you to start from beginner-level courses in order to build solid base. It does not matter what course you take; learn both frontend and backend technologies in both learning modes. I think if you take a simple code example, you can learn it without having to know anything about server side development.

2. Get started with nodejs.

I cannot imagine my life without nodejs. I think it’s almost impossible to survive without it. So start using nodejs right away as soon as possible. Install nodejs, install nodejs server (npm) on your machine, make sure the latest version of nodejs will be available on your system. Start writing on your HTML files and test each page that you are building, then check your entire codebase in GitHub. Then write some more HTML code on different pages and check its working on your own browser. Once you feel confident about your codebase, add more features and functionality to your webpage and finally push out the final product to Github. A website with such features becomes extremely attractive to users. You get many chances to improve upon your already existing work.

3. Learn css, CSS

Use css. It will help us to create beautiful websites. Css skills will increase our skills in front end web development. We will need another skill set, while creating beautiful website, we should learn the basic principles of css. How much time will we have left before we run out of time? We have to know how to use basic terms of css, so here, let’s try to explain it in detail. The idea behind css, is to give you a sense of knowing which parts to change in your website. If you want to see which sections to change then go and find the css codes in your project site. Go over the code and find areas where you need to change something. In most cases, such changes will lead to improvements in your website. You will also learn to solve problems through your work when you read the css codes. After you have gone through all the codes and completed your project, ask questions to experts on your website who surely have good understanding of front end things. When you are given options, choose the best one as per your requirements. It is just a piece of advice, never ignore this part. This won’t be sufficient unless you learn about css fundamentals.

4. Create high quality html and javascript

HTML should always be well written out in your repository. Try to follow strict guidelines when adding HTML code. Add your comments in the code on every page so everyone can understand the purpose of your HTML code. Write the code based on the principle of least coding mistakes in the code. Keep your code neat so you don’t face issues in future. Use comments in your code whenever possible and comment all the lines, which aren’t mandatory. Always create readable code so don’t leave anything unnecessary. Don’t forget to clear-up the html file too. Include only required elements in the html file so they are visible. Use tag all the times. If anyone tries to play games with this then tell him/her “I am not playing”. And keep these things in mind to complete your website. Remember: “Good is better than great”.

5. Build responsive images on your website

In 2017, Google came up with mobile friendly website criteria. To meet this criterion, your mobile responsive website has to be fully responsive. By responsiveness means that your website pages load quickly on any device of any size and screen size. Nowadays, there are millions of people who visit the internet on their mobiles and PCs. So let your website look like your PC version.

Let’s check out three points that you can consider to make your website responsive.

Your template has to be unique. That means that it’s completely unique. If you are going to build any kind of responsive website then you must do that. Otherwise, you might get conflicts between your desktop and mobile versions. Therefore, it is important to create unique website templates for both PC and mobiles. Your page has to load quickly on the devices.

Your template needs to support zooming, so your webpage is not overloaded due to excess zoom.

Your header and footer is loading slowly on the mobiles. Hence, if you don’t load content on top. It will reduce the conversion ratio. So we have to make sure that we take care of this section.

These three points are very important because of which your website will perform properly on any other device. If you want to create high-end responsive website then have to optimize the above mentioned points. These three points will give you a competitive edge. So let’s apply them now!

6. Generate traffic.

This is one of the most important aspects for any website. With the introduction of CMS or CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mules, etc., we can generate traffic to our websites. You can have lots of sites, but not all of them will load on different platforms and devices. So start generating interest on your website then you can reach visitors easily.

Here are two ways to generate traffic to your website.

SMS marketing campaigns

SMS Marketing Campaigns

I use AdSense to promote my blog. First you have to buy an account with Adsense. Once you have earned $10,000 in annual income, then you can send emails with promotional offers to your subscribers at the time of promotion. Now you can generate lot of passive leads. It depends upon you, what you want, which way you want to market your products. Not only ads on your website, you can place ad banners, infographics on social media, display ads on various search engines; you can get many benefits as per your budget. So, don’t underestimate the power of advertisements. Just start promoting your web site and generating clicks, read more here.

7. Upload dynamic content

Content makes the difference between success and failure. No person wants to spend any amount of money on useless material. So don’t neglect to upload rich and valuable contents on your website. Content helps you to impress users when they visit your website. Take a cue from YouTube and Instagram; all videos are uploaded by professional bloggers in particular. So, if you can give a glimpse of yourself then you can attract customers. Be consistent with your content. Bloggers and influencers have made an extraordinary contribution in changing the world of blogging and digital marketing landscape. What do you want to say about you? Give a peek behind the curtain and get what you want.

8. Designing your logo

You must design the logo of your company clearly with words and figures. Without a proper logo, nobody would recognize your name. So design the logo of yours clearly and convey the meaning behind it. A good logo reflects your business value, personality, image of your brand.

9. Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones do everything now except reading books. So, you have to develop a user friendly website. Here, we tell the readers about you. So make sure that your website loads fast in mobiles. Have to create content which suits your audience and keep updating it. Also have to make sure that your website works perfectly on small screens. If there is no phone connection then users will have to wait longer than necessary. So make sure that you make a website mobile friendly.

10. Search engine optimization

For SEO, there are several factors which are important like Google algorithm, link juice, keyword density etc. So try these factors so you can rank higher in the google search results. If your competitors have implemented these factors then you’ll have less probability of getting the traffic as compared to your website. Make your web-site compatible with the Google algorithm.

So, these were some main fundamentals. Now you will be able to become an expert in the area. Go ahead and try your hands on this field. I am confident that you would be an expert in doing what you want to do.

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