3 Must-Do Activities That Form an Integral Part of Cultural Tourism

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The following is a list of the activities that form an integral part of cultural tourism. In many cases, it makes sense to start with these three before moving on to other areas of the economy to diversify and extend the effects. These are activities that have already been established across every country in Asia. They are also some of the most popular tourist activities, so they make perfect additions into the cultural tourism sector.

1) Visit A National Historic Site

Visiting a historic site can be as exciting and fun as visiting Disneyland or Pompeii. You get to see the history in all its glory and you enjoy it with your family. It is a great way for families to bond over a special event. There is something unique about historical sites when tourists visit them. There are so many historic buildings that make you really appreciate each building more than just your holiday.

2) Take A Tour Of Orang Besar Orang Caves

There are two national museums in Malaysia; one of which is located in the UNESCO World Heritage area in Bandar Baru Sungai Chepa Jaya, Perak. This museum offers a rich collection of artifacts from prehistoric times and a few examples are displayed in well-preserved caves. Visitors can also experience nature like never before through tours of these caves.

You can learn how the cave people used fire to create warmth, light and heat. It will show you how life developed here. This allows visitors to try their hand at being nomad while having the opportunity to learn about this new culture like no other. Additionally, there are plenty of exhibits available in the museum, one of which is dedicated to the Orang River, which has many stories to tell of what happened here over the years. You can learn how this place transformed into one magnificent park by looking at how much impact the rainwater made here during their time.

3) Ride To See A City As Old As Time At Jalan Bukit Rantau Orang Kuching

Jalan Bukit Rantau Orang Kuching is one of the best preserved areas in Peninsular Malaysia. Also known as the original city, Jalan Bukit Rantau was once populated by different races including Malays, Chinese and Hindus. After the British took control of peninsular Malaysia during the 19th century, they built walls to prevent the spread of Islamic religion and spread Islam throughout the region. The name “Jalan” means “mountain” and the river that runs here, but it is actually not the name of this place. It is actually called Serang, meaning holy waters. Here, you will find several shrines that represent many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. This gives visitors plenty of places to sit and reflect on these ancient days.

There will always be a fascination to explore and discover the various cultures of Peninsular Malaysia. If you are interested in the Malaysian environment then this location is an excellent choice and worth exploring. Other countries and cities around Malaysia will offer similar tours and destinations to these three. Just get yourself on a bus to take a tour of Jalan Bukit Rantau Orang Kuching and experience the old world.

4) Take The Royal Train Journey With Singapore Airlines

Singapore is home to some pretty amazing places. One of the biggest is Jalan Pahat, a massive island on the Singapore Straits. Every week, thousands of passengers fly into the island and enjoy the view of the water from different sides. Guests can take different trips such as the classic royal train journey. And if you want to feel even better, you can book a trip to join the elite cabin crew of the Tiger Eye Suite where you and your friends can enjoy the best views in the sky while having a night stay.

The first thing you need to know is that this trip is only open for the senior citizens. However, it is still worthwhile trying to see Singapore because that’s what the whole country and nation are about. Another beautiful destination is Changi Airport. You get to see the iconic building with everything you love about Singapore, especially the giant floating ice-skating sculptures called Oarsie Ice Cream!

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