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I’ve never been to Costa Blanca in my life, so this is without any doubt the first time visiting it. It’s a small city and one of those places that you can’t leave your house for a holiday. However, with its beautiful surroundings and warm climate, there are still plenty of things worth doing on your visit. Here my top five tourist things to see when holidaying here. My holiday may look different than everyone else’s but it will have one thing that the majority of people miss out on- amazing views of the sea. The view that you’ll experience as you climb up the hills to take in the ocean from the mountains. You’ll also find plenty of shops that range from restaurants to souvenir stores. As well as being able to enjoy some great shopping at Centro Bello Mall, which has a number of outlet stores on its grounds. They have over 350 boutiques and many more stores within them.

Also, being able to access the iconic Mount Panorama is an add-on bonus. From the mountain itself looking down to the surrounding area where you can get yourself a drink or something to eat, they offer a lot more than what you’d need. One major benefit of spending in Costa Blanca, especially if you are the younger generation, is that you can be found everywhere you want to go. A popular tourist attraction includes Plaza San Martin de Francisca, known throughout Spain as “The City of Gold,” a plaza located along the main square near El Florido Square and Gran Via. This is one of the most famous areas in town and also serves as the home to many museums, including Casa Picasso and Museum of Modern Art, among others, as well as the world’s largest open space park known as Plazas del Mar and a large fountain called Barranco Fountain.

Another key tourist attraction is Montipui, the highest peak in the country, reaching 6,848 metres above sea level, only a few kilometres from La Feria de Turia. And from all these beautiful spots and attractions, many people like to end their holiday vacation at Hotel Torre Adelante that offers a wide range of rooms and suites perfect for couples, families and single men or women. Their property is considered to be the perfect accommodation for a romantic stay and also has a private beach front, plus there are two swimming pools just a short drive away as well as a restaurant, a spa and even a bar. What better way to finish off your holiday than by snorkelling and diving into the crystal clear waters of Pico Grande.

I always try my best not to do anything too crazy when going hiking, but this trip was no exception. There were 3 days before we were meant to leave, so we decided to go for a hike at least once every week and explore the beauty of the landscape around us. Just one day before we got ready for our trip, I came across another hikers’ blog post about the Larguia National Park and had to try my hand at trekking. We walked right up to the entrance of the site and watched the gorgeous natural scenery, the sound of birds singing and birds chirping all around us; then we started climbing. My partner and I didn’t get much done after only 2 hours and 1 hour in total, so we made the decision that it was safe to give ourselves a break and start walking again at least twice a week.

Our favourite trails were the Calle Núñez de Vitoria (or “calm lake”) that is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and lush green vegetation, just a couple of hundred meters from the beach and a little further up the hillside we could find Calle San Cristobal Bautista. Unfortunately, none of the paths that would lead you right there were marked along the path. So we took this route instead that was more direct and much easier to follow. After we finally reached the top, we went back down the same path to have a swim. At the bottom, you find several beaches and caves where you can swim and cool off. But since we weren’t getting anywhere in our bathing suits, we just sat around in our swimwear all by ourselves.

That night, we came back down to find lots of fireflies and a light rain so there wasn’t enough daylight to drive us back home, because we were tired and needed to relax. The next morning however, we woke up and decided to head down to Valle de la Vieja. When arriving at the hotel, we noticed that the view of our hotel window was blocked by a large white building that looked like an umbrella or some sort of greenhouse. Since no other tourists were there, we had no idea what it was, until we stumbled upon some very curious visitors sitting behind the large structure on a bench. Well, maybe that’s odd, but we weren’t exactly sure what would happen next. We asked and they answered us, explaining that they wanted to talk to us and show us something that they had seen in the museum.

So we gave them directions into the museum and ended up standing in front of some old paintings by Pablo Picasso. While trying to figure out of how he managed to capture such deep colours and still be able to paint so accurately, we watched as his eyes filled with tears as he continued painting the frescoes while describing his experiences during the war. All the people who had come to watch the viewing were amazed by the work and spoke to us about the story behind the art they were seeing, we heard about some of his friends who were now dead to him too and they just wanted to thank him for being alive to tell people this important story.

Then the conversation turned and we headed towards the other side of the museum where there were more exhibitions to check out. Once again, the group of people were talking about the history of the art and the sacrifices made by artists who did have a passion for helping people get what they want. Then we got to the actual museum, which was much smaller than the one that would be in my guidebook. We checked out some of his paintings alongside other works of Picasso, admired his sculpture and realised how much impact he had on society. Once inside this museum, we got to watch a film about Pablo Picasso and some of his own pieces in the exhibition hall as well as some of the lesser-known works of another artist.

Afterwards we went inside the cave and saw a huge gallery full of these famous paintings of his. We stopped to admire one particular piece by Picasso, it was titled “The Woman Inside A Car.” This showed a woman standing outside her car, holding her hands together and gazing at nothing in particular. She then turns round and looks directly at the camera with complete detachment. Everyone immediately rushed to try and decipher what this artwork really meant, even though she was already dead and everyone else inside the car knew that fact. After some confusion and questions about why did no one go into the woman’s car and check the driver out? Why would nobody ever go to check what actually happened inside the vehicle?

What did she actually feel when she looked out the window? We all agreed that we would spend the rest of the holiday trying to make sense of this mysterious object. We spent a good amount of time in the hall getting to know the strange woman and eventually figured out what her identity was. Then we watched a movie that showed us what happen inside the car. Eventually we went home and tried and failed to guess whatever the mystery woman was.

It’s easy to get lost in the many tourism points that Costa Blanca has to offer and there are so many beautiful cities in the country that you cannot pass by without having to stop somewhere and explore the place for yourself. For someone who loves travelling and getting to learn about new cultures and their heritage, Costa Blanca will definitely be the place for you. If you have plans to travel here or even plan to stay for longer than a year, I hope that you can experience this magical place as me and my family made of it. So don’t let it get you! Take advantage of these wonderful destinations for yourselves and remember what it has to offer.

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