The Best Ways to the Perfectly Cooked Asparagus

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There’s nothing more amazing than the perfectly cooked asparagus you’d see in a restaurant but the best way to cook this delicacy is in my opinion with something called ‘The One-Step Cooking Method.’

I found it online and have been able to replicate it myself and it’s so easy that I can’t even tell you how delicious it tastes. You’ll also need garlic oil, onions, and celery sticks for some added flavor. It’s great if you don’t want any other spices and even tastes better when it’s well sautéed or lightly pan fried. So here goes!

Step 1: Boil your onion until they start changing colors and don’t brown. When cooking using onions, just make sure that they are cut in half before cooking them since that will help them hold their shape longer; make sure that the bottom part of the onion is peeled off so you can get all the beautiful onions out. I used butter instead of beef broth and it worked just fine. When you’re making asparagus, I always recommend not using beef broth because it will produce unwanted colorings on the endproduct. So skip the meat and use chicken stock; it should work similarly like regular chicken stock, though there’s no need for it.

Step 2: Chop the raw onion, leaving a small bit at the end to stick on top of the base, then add it to a large pot of water (make sure you use boiling water but don’t let it boil before starting it). Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat up to high. Add two cups of raw butter and three cups of celery sticks to this pot with the onion and garlic. Stir everything together to form a paste into which you can add your potatoes or other side veggies. Turn the heat down for the sauce and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Continue simmering over medium heat, while checking periodically to make sure that all the vegetables have heated through. In less time than you think, the vegetables will be ready to serve. Just allow them to cool, once they do, put them away from light sources until they go back to room temperature, and then refrigerate them in an airtight container until needed again. This dish has been made with very little ingredients.

Step 3: While still simmering, add cheese slices, grated cheese, lemon juice, chopped parsley, and salt and pepper. Then place into a smaller bowl. Pour half a cup of tomato sauce into the mixture, mix well, and cover the vegetables in, then add olive oil. Shake the combination until combined all together. Cover the mixture in plastic wrap and refrigerate it in the fridge until it begins to thicken up. Make sure to stir in just enough fresh herbs so that the texture is right. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed. Serve this on a plate with bread if desired.

This recipe was given to me by Julia Gubarza who taught me to master the one step technique. Thank you so much. You’re welcome!

What You Need:

Cooking Oil – 4 cups

Celery Sticks – 9

Green Onion – 6

Crispy Black Pepper – 5 (or more)


Preheat oven to 425F or 400. Preheat a large skillet, preferably metal but use a silicone or nonstick baking sheet. Heat olive oil in a frying pan on medium-high heat and pour in the Celery Sticks.

Turn the heat up to medium-high, and saute the green onion until soft. Next add the Green Onion and Crushed Black Peppers. Sauté the green onions for another 10 seconds, after which add the cauliflower so that its warm and crispy. Meanwhile, heat a small batch of flour until warm. Using both hands, mash coarsely the potato cubes so that they stick together. Take flour and spread the crusty surface around the greasy pieces. Put each potato cube onto one celery stick. Keep the rest of the celery sticks and divide them into four equal parts. Do not peel off the skins as this will ruin the texture of the asparagus. Now, lay them one over the other and sprinkle with melted butter before folding them, and bake for 25 minutes. Stir occasionally between each piece, so that the crusty pieces don’t stick to the pan and burn. Bake for the remaining butter to completely melt and remove from the pan; leave the pan uncovered until done. Let them cool completely and then place them on a serving plate.

Serve piping hot and garnish with fresh parsley leaves as suggested by the chef.

Soak in olive oil overnight so that it will stay sizzling and keep the vegetables firm. After it’s cooled, spoon some into bowls, serve with bread and garnish with parmesan tops, if desired. If needed, substitute Parmesan and mozzarella cheese for the shredded cheese.

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