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Enterprise Demand Signal, a centralized repository of data for enterprise demand forecasting and supply management operations has moved to the cloud. We’ve created our own Data Platform at Gatsby, allowing us to offer our customers an easy way to access large amounts of historical demand and supply data from disparate sources. It enables them to easily generate reports on their current position in the market, as well as forecast future demand using our models. Our clients can also deploy our platform by creating API triggers that trigger events which trigger certain actions in the system — such as opening new accounts or transferring money into a particular account — triggering these events will result in further data being pushed back down the stack and into the database for analysis and forecasting.

The most important aspect is that it is now accessible via Amazon Cloud Services (S3) or any other public cloud provider. This allows us to continue developing the product, but we are able to use other clouds that would require additional infrastructure and maintenance. As this move continues it may look somewhat slow initially but it will help make significant improvements over time. Another advantage of the cloud migration is our ability to expand and develop the application for external users. If you want to see how many different ways you can interact with this website please visit our demo site. Once the demo site gets live once again then the integration should become much easier. In addition to this open source package there is also several third party libraries available which allow you to build custom applications so there are multiple layers of code necessary for your development. To find out more click here.

The company will continue working closely with our team to provide the next version of Enterprise Demand Signal which will include features like user management, dashboards, analytics etc. These new capabilities will be made available for all users starting early June 2018. For business needs you can view Enterprise Demand Signal as part of our service offerings. However we have already selected some great candidates for people to work with during our interviews, who will be working on features which will enhance the functionality and usability of the platform.

A number of our senior leadership roles at Gatsby are leaving and will be departing at the end of July, we thank everyone involved who has helped us get where we are today. Although this transition from one environment to another has been long and difficult we are excited about what comes from the change and the opportunity to focus on developing our growing software. At the same time we will continue to support our existing users and the projects they have. There is no pressure to start from scratch, instead try out an alternative solution and let us know what you think. We encourage you to reach out to me and discuss your specific issue and discuss how I can help you with this and other requirements. Or if you simply have any doubt do not hesitate to ask. At Gatsby we are passionate people and always looking for good ideas.

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