What Gandhi Taught Us About Relationships

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One of the many lessons Gandhi taught me was that relationships are something more than just physical things, they’re also deeper than that. A deep and profound connection is the foundation for everything we do. When we have one-sided conversations about what we want out of a relationship, we miss the point. We never really think about all the reasons why we’re in a bad situation. When we get angry or get hurt, it helps us to see that someone has their own agenda and it does nothing good to either party. Relationship is not simply about two people getting along and talking into each other’s ears, it can be complicated and hard. It takes two people to build a strong friendship or two people to figure out which way an argument should go. The most important thing about having meaningful friendships, is that you know that someone has your back no matter what the circumstances. That someone believes the best for you and this helps us trust them. Having a strong belief system gives us the tools to stand up for ourselves and to fight when needed. I found that if my dad was struggling financially without any hope, I would tell him that I knew why he had to struggle and that he didn’t deserve to. I found myself believing in myself and my goals to go after my dreams with full force and when times got tough, I would give my everything for a new “bigger house.” That helped me through those difficult days and it gave me a very clear direction.

I like to say that I am the average Joe. But honestly, I don’t think that is the true reflection of myself. A lot of men come out as such but it is far from everyone’s case. I’m very proud of being educated and successful in life but I guess some people aren’t as fortunate and happy as I am. As much as there are people who find themselves in that light, I believe I can better myself. So here are a few ways I can improve my self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-awareness.

I must first understand that I am not perfect. No one is and we all make mistakes. Everyone is always learning and getting better at something. Be willing to learn how to take responsibility for your own growth. Understand what actions you need to prioritize to move forward and make things happen. If you see someone else acting in a certain way and having a negative mindset, don’t judge yourself for that. We should not think of ourselves as failures but rather think positively. Just look around yourself and notice what you’re doing right and making progress. Look at the examples of others and realize how they moved forward and they were able to accomplish great results. I think sometimes you can be too easy on yourself because you always know what you can do and don’t stop to consider how you can improve yourself.

I can start by recognizing and acknowledging the little victories that I’ve made so far and maybe in the next year, once we get our daughter, we’ll be able to celebrate her birthday and enjoy all the fun activities she’ll have. I will celebrate and encourage others to do the same.

I want to make it part of our family Christmas. I want to buy a stocking with gold and red ribbons in it. Or a glittery balloon with the letters ‘Happy B.Y.A’ attached. Maybe we can even decorate the house with colorful balloons and red ribbon and I’d enjoy reading books together as we enjoy stories of our daughter. You can keep giving advice only if you’re confident that you can help someone else to be the best version of themselves. I want to focus on my positive thoughts and to be grateful to God for making me who I am. I want to learn new techniques on how to talk about topics with my son and to learn more about parenting.

I want to show how much love I have for my child. Show her that I can take care of her no matter what and have faith in her to succeed. She needs someone who loves her unconditionally that she doesn’t owe anyone anything. It is easy to feel insecure about this because I haven’t had that kind of unconditional love since my mother, but it is essential to having trust and confidence in our child. Have a special place in her heart. A special place where she feels accepted. I want to create moments together where we laugh, show affection, hug, and spend time with each other. Not only by spending quality time with her but also by setting example. My children know what they know in order for me to be the person they need me to be. These are all basic things that I need to be done in every moment of my life to be able to provide a good home for my baby and to be a healthy parent to my kids.

I want to be aware of all the small steps I’ve taken in my life so I don’t fall into the trap of judging my child in a wrong way. It could be any little steps in the past or even as little things that I haven’t done to improve my relationships. I am trying to make more effort to put a smile on my face and to have fun activities to show my daughter.

I have noticed that I can do a lot better if we all accept ourselves for who we are now, instead of what we’ve been. We should accept every success as a stepping stone and a result of our efforts in the past. I’m sure she has great potential so let’s prepare for the future with both eyes wide open and with our best ideas. When things get rough, I like to remind myself that my daughter will get through whatever problems and setbacks come. And so will I. With a positive attitude I can do the impossible, I can achieve what I want to accomplish, because of her love for me and the support and encouragement, I can be proud of herself for the achievements she reached.

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